HP Special Production Models

All of these guitars have been purchased and sold by me or could be for Sale on the "Guitars for Sale Page"

CT Amber Flame

Delivered on 2/27/06 this top of the line archtop has a custom shop quality top.

Amber Flame

A very nice production flame top. Delivered on 2/27/06

CT Black (no cap)

Elegant Black CT, has no maple cap.  This is solid basswood.  The binding is a nice brown color that sets the guitar off.  Delivered on 2/27/06

CT Cherryburst Quilt

Custom shop quality on this Cherryburst quilt.  Delivered on 2/27/06

Cherryburst Flame

Custom Shop quality on this production flame top.  Delivered on 2/27/06

CT Black Cherry Flame

This is a 10 top and not something you would expect on a production guitar.  This one was hand picked. Delivered on 2/27/06

Margarita Quilt

Totally a Custom Shop top on this Margarita quilt.  This one is alive. Delivered on 2/27/06

CT Margarita Flame

Another custom shop quality top on this Margarita flame top.  Delivered on 2/27/06

Moonburst Quilt

And the hits continue with another custom shop quality top on this moonburst flat top HPS.  Delivered on 2/27/06

Tobacco Burst Flame

This hand picked top might be called a flame top but it is more interesting than the normal run of the mill variety.  Delivered on 2/27/06

CT Tobacco Burst Flame

This is the first tobacco burst CT I have received.  It arrived on 3/4 and was posted to the site on 3/6.
Cherryburst CT Flame Delivered 3/13/06
Margarita Quilt Flat top Another of the initial production guitars produced with a quilt top.  Delivered 3/13/06
Black Cherry CT Flame Delivered 3/13/06
Margarita Flame Top Delivered 3/24/06
Moonburst CT Flame Top Delivered 3/24/06