Lava Orange Custom Shop HP CT Special guitar with matching headstock  stunning
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Peavey model with yellow alder Custom Shop HP Special GuitarPeavey model with blue flames Custom Shop HP Special Guitar

When the Peavey – EVH split became known and it was clear the Custom Shop would close, it was a sad day.  I thought, well it was great while it lasted.  An American Made Custom Shop guitar that fit my taste exactly, of great quality at a surprisingly low price was a thing of the past.   Many people who had thought about ordering a Custom Shop Wolfgang were seriously bummed out.  I know because I heard from them.   It was always about the guitars for me.  Having EVH’s name on them and having him associated with them added to the image (and the price!) and brought the Van Halen fans, but it was the art, quality, tone and the way the guitars played, along with the thrill of creating them in your mind and seeing them come alive that was the thing for me.  So I went from sad resignation to hopeful when the word started to leak that the Custom Shop would keep going with a new and maybe even better guitar.  But what would it be?  

They said it would be better, because you could get more options and it would appeal to Wolfgang fans but it wouldn’t be a Wolfgang.  I was skeptical.  What was first important to me is what would be the same?  The same people building them (at first but not now), with the same quality of materials in the same facility with the same mandate to build the best guitar they possibly could.   And the same neck, with similar pick-ups but more versatile.  That meant it would play very similar and sound very similar.  What would be different?  A floating trem for one, although it can be locked down to only go flat very easily.  Actually it comes locked down.  You could never get a floating trem on the Wolfgang. A nice body contour on the back to make it more comfortable to play (I like that).   Pick-ups that are designed to be split and a coil tap (nice).  And a slightly different body shape and headstock.  I think the shape of the Wolfgang is really nice, but I have grown to like the HPS even a little bit better.  Side by side the HP looks a little better to me.  I like the slightly pointer top horn that gives the guitar nice lines and makes the new headstock work.  I really didn’t want a Wolfgang clone anyway.  What I wanted was a neck like the Wolfgang, pick-ups that were at least as good (they are more versatile) and then all the same options and quality.  That is what we got.  So I got pretty excited about it.  I got so excited I became a Peavey dealer in December of 2004.  I am pretty sure I have sold considerably more custom Shop Peavey guitars than any other dealer.  The hard part is I never want to sell them!

Here is a link to a review I did of the first HP Special delivered:  HP Special Review

Here is a link to the pricing of the Production Models from the January 2006 Peavey guide:  HPS Production Model Prices

Here is a link to the pick-up specifications and the operation of the controls:  HP Special Pick-ups and Controls

Here is a picture of Peavey's unique and proprietary trem stop mechanism.  There is a small opening in the back of the guitar where you can easily loosen the two screws and slide the bracket forward to make the trem fully floating.  Click for larger image.

Special Peavey patent pending tremolo stop device for the HP Special to instantly make the trem floating

See an excellent video demo and Guitar World Review of the guitar.  Click this link... Peavey HP Special Video Demo (This video is courtesy of Guitar World Magazine.  It was originally published in August of 2006.  GW gave the Peavey HP Special their highest honor <Platinum Award> for Quality and Design in the review).  You will need to have the Flash player installed.  If it is a little jerky streaming for you, let it run through once and then click the play button again.  The 2nd time through it will be cached so it will run clean.

All the guitars below are Custom Shop models.  Click this link to see the Production Models:  HPS Guitars

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Custom Lava Orange CT Quilt Top
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This orange quilt CT is a very unique and cool color that Peavey named lava. Built for NAMM 2006. Great top. The headstock is matching with a quilt veneer. The back on this is a nice orange color that looks great on the guitar. I am partial to getting the body to match like this. This guitar belongs to Robert Schwab of NC. Serial #51399537
Custom Moonburst Quilt Top
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Very nice Moonburst flat top quilt built for NAMM 2006. The headstock is a matching color on birdseye. This guitar belongs to Kurt Carlton of FL. Serial #51394536
Custom Solid Alder
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This is a solid alder flat top built for me, but shipped to NAMM 2006 instead. It is exactly like a Wolfgang that I have that I like a lot. It has an ebony fretboard. The headstock is a matching color on birdseye. This guitar belongs to Robert Schwab of NC. Serial #51394585
Custom Turquoise CT Quilt Top
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I had to keep this one. I loved the color. Built for NAMM 2006 this CT has a great top, exceptional neck and fretboard and the matching headstock with the quilt veneer. After playing this guitar some I have to say this is one of the best all around guitar I own... period. I love the way it sounds and plays. It just shows that the year Peavey took getting the HP Special right was worth it!
Custom Yellow Alder
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This is one of the two guitars they used for the two NAMM 06 graphics with the girl holding it behind her head. I thought that graphic was well done. This is an all yellow flat top with black binding and black hardware with a maple neck and birdseye fretboard. I had a chrome trem on it on the outside shot. I will have to redo that later.
Custom Shop Black CT Quilt Top.
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Peavey does the best trans black color. Another awesome quilt CT built for the NAMM 2006 show.
Custom Cajun Red CT Flame Top
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Cajun red flame CT with matching headstock that includes the flame maple veneer. Built for NAMM 2006
Custom Amber Quilt Top
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This one was much nicer than I expected once it arrived. Top notch quilt and a nice fretboard. The headstock is a matching color on birdseye.
Custom Pink Sparkle
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Another unique NAMM 06 guitar. This cool pink sparkle is a flat top with a rosewood fretboard. The headstock is black with white lettering. This guitar belongs to Keith Aylward of Canada. Serial #51393182
Custom Blue/White Sparkle Flames
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This guitar looked greenish-blue at the NAMM 06 show with the lighting at the Peavey booth but it isnt green at all. It has more of a turqoise blue in it with the white sparkle. It is a flat top with a black headstock. It was one of two guitars they used for the NAMM advertising graphics with a girl holding it up by her head. This guitar belongs to Jim Bechakas of PA. Serial #51389529
Custom Cherryburst Quilt
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This cherryburst is bright and vibrant. It is a flat top and built for the 2006 NAMM show. The headstock is a matching color that appears to be on birdseye. It belongs to Tyler Hengtgen of Bakersfield, CA. Serial #51385894
Custom Dark Cherryburst Quilt Top
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This dark Cherryburst quilt was built for NAMM 2006. It has a matching headstock with the quilt veneer.
103 guitars on 9 pages.   Click to change page »   1 · 2 · 3 · 4 · 5 · 6 · 7 · 8 · 9